Entry #2

i draw porn too

2015-09-30 23:20:32 by QuackMeister

eyy everyone

ive been drawing porn for a few years now, but it only just now occurred to me that i might as well post it here too, so go check it out :D


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2015-10-01 15:33:58

i didn't see anything :<! posting it soon?? (unless i'm dumb and didn't see it lol)

QuackMeister responds:

im gonna assume you're having the same issue i used to have when trying to look at porn here
what i used to have to do was make sure the red A in the top right next to E, T, and M isn't crossed out
just gotta click it to get rid of the X over it and you should be able to see c:

alternatively you can go to your settings, go under "content display options", and make it auto-play adult content


2016-02-29 19:30:04

Quackmeister = Gorlax fighter?